Surface Engineering and Wear Control
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ASM Series on Surface Cleaning - ASM Publication
Choosing a Cleaning Process - ASM Publication
Guide to Acid, Alkaline, Emulsion and Ultrasonic Cleaning - ASM Publication
Guide to Mechancial Cleaning Systems - ASM Publication
Guide to Pickling and Descaling and Molten Salt Bath Cleaning - ASM Publication
Guide to Vapor Degreasing and Solvent Cold Cleaning - ASM Publication
Coatings and Coatings Processes for Metals - Edited by Dr. James H. Lindsay
Handbook of Effluent Treatment and Recycling for the Metal Finishing Industry, 2nd Edition - L. Hartinger
Lasers in Surface Engineering - Narendra B. Dahotre, T.S. Sudarshan
Thermal Spray: A United Forum for Scientific and Technological Advances - Edited by C.C. Berndt
Thermal Spray: Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century - Edited by Christian Coddet
UV Coatings - Reinhold Schwalm


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