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Plastics, Composites, and Ceramics
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ASM Engineered Materials Handbook Series - ASM Publication
Engineered Materials Handbook Vol. 1 Composites - ASM Publication
Engineered Materials Handbook Vol. 2 Engineering Plastics - ASM Publication
Engineered Materials Handbook Vol. 3 Adhesives and Sealants - ASM Publication
Engineered Materials Handbook Vol. 4 Ceramics and Glasses - ASM Publication
Decoration and Assembly of Plastic Parts - E.A. Muccio
Designing Plastic Parts for Assembly - Paul Tres   
Fundamentals of Composites Manufacturing Materials, Methods, and Applications - A. Strong
The First Snap-Fit Handbook: Creating and Managing Attachments for Plastic Parts - Paul Bonenberger   
Fundamentals of Injection Molding Series - D. Bryce
Volume 1: Manufacturing Process Fundamentals - D. Bryce
Volume 2: Product Design & Material Selection Fundamentals - D. Bryce
Volume 3: Mold Design & Construction Fundamentals - D. Bryce
Volume 4: Manufacturing Startup and Management - D. Bryce
Hollow Plastic Parts: Manufacture and Design - Glenn L. Beall    James L. Throne   
Joining of Plastics Handbook - Jordan I. Rotheiser   
Metallized Plastics - K.L. Mittal
Mold Engineering - H. Rees
Moldflow Design Guide: A Resource for Plastics Engineers  - Jay Shoemaker  
Plastic Part Technology - E.A. Muccio
Plastics and Composites Welding Handbook - Avraham Benatar    David A. Grewell    Joon B. Park   
Plastic Part Design For Injection Molding - Robert Malloy   
Plastics Processing Technology - E.A. Muccio
Plastics Technology Handbook - Manas Chanda and Salil H. Roy
Practical Extrusion Blow Molding - S. Belcher
Speaking of Plastics Manufacturing Series - Bill Fry
Working with Vinyl - Bill Fry
Working with Polyethylene - Bill Fry
Working with Acrylic - Bill Fry
Working with Nylon - Bill Fry
Working with Cellulosic - Bill Fry
Working with Polystyrene - Bill Fry
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