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Job Master
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Production Control Software for Manufacturers

Everything Job Shops or Small to Medium Sized
Manufacturers Need, from Quote, through Production, to Shipping! Export to QuickBooks® Available.

Complete Production Control and Tracking Software For Small To Medium Sized Manufacturers and
Job Shops!

  • Network Ready/Multi-User Enabled!
  • All Modules Included!
  • Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Shop Traveler/Work Order
  • Inventory
  • Invoicing
  • Commissions
  • Certs
  • Shipping and More!
Job Master manufacturing software has everything needed to control and track production, from quote to shipping.

Running your business requires you manage both production and job related administration.

Job Master manufacturing software does it all…and it's designed for set up and implementation even by non sophisticated computer users. Need production control?

Job Master manufacturing software is all the software you need to control and track your production jobs and inventory!

Develop quotes quickly and easily! Users can quickly quote items factoring in such costs as materials, labor, taxes, and overhead/profit markups.

Markups can be done as a percentage or a dollar amount. Customer discounts can be included. A history may be kept of all quote revisions as well as a complete history of all quotes customer by customer.

A simple mouse click transforms a quote into a sales order. An entire quote can become a sales order, or only certain line items from the quote can be selected to appear in a sales order. As an option, sales orders can be created directly without first preparing a quote.

The Sales Order Module keeps an optional history of all revisions to each individual sales order, as well as a complete history of all sales orders on a customer by customer basis.

Shop Traveler/Work Order Module Users, with simple mouse clicks, can quickly create each job's step by step production procedures and inspection requirements, certification requirements, materials needed and deadlines.

A mouse click on the “lot split” button allows an order to be split up into multiple shop travelers to be produced at separate times. Shop travelers/work orders can be bar coded, allowing a "swipe" of the bar code to move a job from step to step in the production cycle.

Inventory Module Job Master manufacturing inventory software is tracked as it is received and used. Inventory may be deducted as shop travelers are created. Minimum and maximum inventory levels for items can be set.

Users are “flagged”: if inventory levels fall below a pre set amount, or if inventory ordered/received exceeds the maximum pre set amount.

If a shop traveler calls for more inventory than is on hand, a prompt allows users to create a P.O. to reorder.

In the shipping module, all completed items appear on a list of product to be shipped.

The shipping work screen allows selection of quantity to be shipped, destination, and entry of the number of boxes to be used and the weight. A packing slip and invoice are produced with mouse clicks. If only part of an order is shipped, the packing slip details not just what is being shipped but the balance remaining. The invoice bills only for what is actually shipped, and a running balance is kept of what product is owed to the customer.

Numerous tools are provided for the monitoring of production and output. At any time, the job status of a particular order can be checked including where it is in the production cycle, and the work remaining.

Date range reports can be pulled detailing how much product was actually shipped during a given time. Other reports detail such things as work in production and the dollar value of that work. Managers can also easily review missed or approaching deadlines.

Network/Multi-User Ready
Job Master job shop software is ready to install on any Windows or Novell network. Job Master is multi-user ready out of the box. Numerous reports and printouts are contained in Job Master job tracking software from production output to sales commissions due.


Job Master - $2,495.00

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