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AC Power Systems Handbook, Second Edition - Edited by Jerry Whitaker
Above Ground Storage Tanks - Philip E. Myers
Advanced Lighting Controls - Craig DiLouie
Air Cooling Technology for Electronic Equipment - Edited by Sung Jin Kim and Sang Woo Lee
Alternative Energy Handbook - Paul Rosenberg
Aluminum: Properties and Physical Metallurgy - edited by John E. Hatch
Analytical Instrumentation - Bela G. Liptak
Analytical Instrumentation - R.E. Sherman
Applied Illumination Engineering - Second Edition - Jack L. Lindsey
ASM Engineered Materials Handbook Series - ASM Publication
ASM Engineered Materials Reference Book, 2nd Edition - Michael L. Bauccio
ASM Handbook Volume 1: Properties and Selection: Irons, Steels, and High-Performance Alloys
ASM Handbook Volume 2: Properties and Selection: Nonferrous Alloys and Special-Purpose Materials
ASM Handbook Volume 3: Alloy Phase Diagrams
ASM Handbook Volume 4: Heat Treating
ASM Handbook Volume 5: Surface Engineering
ASM Handbook Volume 6: Welding, Brazing, and Soldering
ASM Handbook Volume 7: Powder Metal Technologies and Applications
ASM Handbook Volume 8: Mechanical Testing
ASM Handbook Volume 9: Metallography and Microstructures
ASM Handbook Volume 10: Materials Characterization
ASM Handbook Volume 11: Failure Analysis and Prevention
ASM Handbook Volume 12: Fractography
ASM Handbook Volume 13: Corrosion
ASM Handbook Volume 14: Metalworking
ASM Handbook Volume 15: Casting
ASM Handbook Volume 16: Machining
ASM Handbook Volume 17: Nondestructive Evaluation and Quality Control
ASM Handbook Volume 18: Friction, Lubrication, and Wear Technology
ASM Handbook Volume 19: Fatigue and Fracture
ASM Handbook Volume 20: Materials Selection and Design
ASM Materials Engineering Dictionary - Edited by J. R. Davis
ASM Metals Reference Book, 3rd Edition - Michael L. Bauccio
ASM Ready Reference: Properties and Units for Engineering Alloys - ASM Publication
ASM Series on Surface Cleaning - ASM Publication
ASM Specialty Handbook Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys - edited by J.R. Davis
ASM Specialty Handbook Cast Irons - J.R. Davis
ASM Specialty Handbook Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys - edited by Michael Avedisian and Hugh Baker
Atlas of Fatigue Curves - edited by H.E. Boyer
Atlas of Stress-Strain Curves - edited by H.E. Boyer
Atlas of Time-Temperature Diagrams (two volumes) - Edited by G. Vander Voort
Atlas of Time-Temperature Diagrams - Irons and Steels - Edited by G. Vander Voort
Atlas of Time-Temperature Diagrams - Nonferrous Alloys - Edited by G. Vander Voort
AutoCAD and Its Applications—Basics 2011 - Terence M. Shumaker and David A. Madsen and David P. Madsen
AutoCAD and Its Applications—Advanced 2011 - Terence M. Shumaker and David A. Madsen and Jeffrey A. Laurich
AutoCAD and Its Applications—Comprehensive 2011 - Terence M. Shumaker and David A. Madsen and David P. Madsen and Jeffrey A. Laurich
AutoCAD and Its Applications—Basics 2010 -  Terence M. Shumaker and David A. Madsen and David P. Madsen
AutoCAD and Its Applications—Advanced 2010 - Terence M. Shumaker and David A. Madsen and Jeffrey A. Laurich
AutoCAD and Its Applications—Comprehensive 2010 - Terence M. Shumaker and David A. Madsen and David P. Madsen and Jeffrey A. Laurich
AutoCAD LT Fundamentals 2008, 8th Edition - Ted Saufley and Paul B. Schreiner 
Architectural Drafting Using AutoCAD 2010, 6th Edition -  David A. Madsen and Ron M. Palma and David P. Madsen
AutoCad 2000i: An Introductory Course - Ian Mawdsley
AutoCad 2008 - Thomas Stellman; G.V. Krishnan
Automation Encyclopedia: A to Z of Advanced Manufacturing - G. Graham
A-Z of Powder Metallurgy - Randall German 
Basic Machining Reference Handbook - Arthur R. Meyers and Thomas Slattery
Batch Control - A.E. Nisenfeld , H. Leegwater 
Becoming Lean: Inside Stories of U.S. Manufacturers - edited J.K. Liker
Blueprint Reading Basics - Warren Hammer
Blueprint Reading for the Machine Trades - R. Schultz
Boiler Operations Questions and Answers - P. Chattopadhyay
Boiler Plant and Distribution System Optimization Manual - Second Edition - Harry Taplin, P.E.
CAPP: From Design to Production - J. Tulkoff
Cam Design and Manufacturing Handbook - Robert L. Norton
Cam Design and Manufacturing Handbook, Book and CD-ROM Combo
Cam Design Handbook - Harold A. Rothbart
Carburizing: Microstructures and Properties - Geoffrey Parrish
Castings - John Campbell
Choosing a Cleaning Process - ASM Publication
CIM Technology - Fundamentals and Applications - R. Biekert
CNC for Machining - M. Lynch
CNC Toolbox - D. Nelson
Coatings and Coatings Processes for Metals - Edited by Dr. James H. Lindsay
Cogeneration & Small Power Production Manual - 5th Edition - Scott Spiewak and Larry Weiss
Collaborative Engineering and the Internet: Linking Product Development Partners Via the Web - A. Mills
Combustion Efficiency Tables - Harry Taplin, P.E.
Competitive Energy Management & Environmental Technologies - compiled and edited by Jana Ricketts
The Comprehensive Dictionary of Electrical Engineering - Edited by Philip Laplante
Computer Aided Design of Custom Gears - H.W. Van Gerpen, C.K. Reece, J.K. Jensen
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Glossary - Dr. To Sobczak
Computer Numerical Control Accessory Devices - M. Lynch
Computer Numerical Control Programming - P. Amic
Concise Metals Engineering Data Book - Edited by J. R. Davis
Concurrent Engineering Design: Integrating the Best Practices for Process Improvement - Dr. L. Miller
The Constraints Management Handbook - J.F. Cox, III and M.S. Spencer
Continuous Improvement in Action: Eight Original in-depth Case Studies - W. Winchell
Continuous Improvement, TMEH Vol. 7 - R. Bakerjian
Continuous Quality Improvement: A Manufacturing Professional's Guide - W. Winchell
Controls and Automation for Facilities Managers - Efficient DDC Systems Implementation - Viktor Boed
Copper: Its Trade, Manufacture, Use, and Environmental Status - Gunter Joseph
Corrosion Engineering Handbook - edited by Philip A. Schweitzer
Corrosion in the Petrochemical Industry - ASM Publication
Corrosion of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys - edited by J.R. Davis
Corrosion: Understanding the Basics - edited by J.R. Davis
Customer Choice: Purchasing Energy in a Deregulated Market - Albert Thumann, P.E., C.E.M.
Cutting and Grinding Fluids: Selection and Application - J. Silliman
Deburring and Edge Finishing Handbook - L. Gillespie
Decoration and Assembly of Plastic Parts - E.A. Muccio
Design for Manufacturability Handbook - Bralla, James G. 
Developing Products in Half the Time - P. Smith, D. Reinertsen
Die Design Fundamentals, Third Edition - Vukota Boljanovic, J.R. Paquin and R.E. Crowley
Die Design Handbook, 3rd Edition - D. Smith
Dimensioning & Tolerancing ASME Y14.5M-1994 - published by ASME
Direct Digital Control: A Guide to Distributed Building Automation - John J. McGowan, CEM
Ductile Design of Steel Structures - Michel Bruneau, Chia-Ming Uang, Andrew Whittaker
Efficient Boiler Operations Sourcebook - Fourth Edition - F. William Payne and Richard E. Thompson
Efficient HVAC Systems Deskbook - Albert Thumann, P.E., CEM
The Electrical Engineering Handbook, 2nd Edition - Richard C. Dorf
Electrical Engineer's Portable Handbook - Robert Hickey
Electrical System Design & Specification Handbook for Industrial Facilities - Steven J. Marrano, C.E.M., and Craig DiLouie
Electrical Transformers & Power Equipment - Anthony J. Pansini
Electrical Wiring Design: Commercial & Institutional - John E. Traister
Electricity Retail Wheeling Handbook - John M. Studebaker
Electric Power Systems - S.A. Nasar and F.C. Trutt
Electronic Materials Handbook Volume 1: Packaging - ASM Publication
Electronic Packaging Materials and Their Properties - Michael Pecht, Rakesh Agarwal, Patrick McClusky, Terrance J. Dishongh, Sirus Javadpour, and Rahul Mahajan
Electronics & Circuit Analysis Using MATLAB - Attia, John Okyere 
The Electronics Handbook - Jerry Whitaker
Elements of Induction Heating: Design, Control, and Applications - S. Zinn, S.L.Semiatin
Energy & the Deregulated Marketplace 1998 Survey - Ruth Bennett Fowler
Energy Business & Technology Sourcebook - Association of Energy Engineers, complied and edited by Jana Ricketts
Energy & Environmental Visions for the New Millennium - Jana Rickets
Energy & Pollution Control Opportunities to the Year 2000 - edited by Marilyn Jackson
Energy Conservation Guidebook - Stephen W. Fardo, Dale R. Patrick and Steven R. Patrick
Energy Conservation in Existing Buildings Deskbook - Albert Thumann, P.E., C.E.M.
Energy Effective Industrial Illuminating Systems - Kao Chen
Energy Management Guide for Government Buildings - Albert Thumann, P.E., C.E.M. and Robert Hoshide, C.E.M.
Energy Management Handbook - 6th Edition - Wayne C. Turner
Energy Management in Illuminating Systems - Kao Chen
Engineered Materials Handbook Desk Edition - ASM Publication
Engineered Materials Handbook Vol. 2 Engineering Plastics - ASM Publication
Engineered Materials Handbook Vol. 3 Adhesives and Sealants - ASM Publication
Engineered Materials Handbook Vol. 4 Ceramics and Glasses - ASM Publication
Engineering Economic Analysis Guidebook - Anthony J. Pansini
Enterprise Information Exchange: A roadmap for Electronic Data Interchange for the Manufacturing Company - V. Muglia
Ergonomics in Manufacturing - W. Karwowski, G. Salvendy
Exploring Energy & Facilities Management Opportunities in a Changing Marketplace - Jana Ricketts
Facilities Evaluation Handbook - K.L. Petrocelly, F.M.A.,C.P.E.
Fatigue Data Book: Light Structural Alloys - ASM Publication
Field Engineer's Manual - Robert O. Parmley
Financing Energy Projects Deskbook - By Albert Thumann, P.E., CEM and Fred Wainwright
Finishing Systems Design and Implementation: A Guide for Product Parameters, Coatings, Process and Equipment - J. Stauffer
1st International Automotive Heat Treating Conference Proceedings - Edited by Rafael Colas, Kiyoshi Funatani, Charles A. Stickels
Flow Measurement - Bela G. Liptak
Flow Measurement - D.W. Spitzer
Flow Measurement Engineering Handbook - Richard W. Miller
Forming - TMEH Vol. 2 - C. Wick, J. Benedict, R. Veilleux
Fulfilling Customer Needs: A Practical Guide to Capacity Management - H. Jackson Jr., N. Figonl
Fundamentals of Air Conditioning Systems - Billy C. Langley, Ed.D., CM
Fundamentals of Composites Manufacturing Materials, Methods, and Applications - A. Strong
Fundamentals of Industrial Control - D.A. Coggan , C.L. Albert
Fundamentals of Manufacturing - Published by MECI/SME
Fundamentals of Natural Gas Cooling - Richard S. Sweetser
Fundamentals of Pressworking - D. Smith
Gas Turbine Handbook: Principles and Practice - Tony Giampaolo, P.E.
Gas Turbine Materials Technology - Maziasz, et al.
Gear Hobbing, Shaping and Shaving: A Guide to Cycle Time Estimating and Process Planning - R. Endoy
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing - D. Madsen
The Goal - E. Goldratt, J. Cox
Grinding Technology: Theory and Applications of Machining with Abrasives - S. Malkin
Groundwater Injection Modeling, Risks, and Regulations - Fred Bloetscher, Albert Muniz, Gerhardt Witt
Guide to Hard Milling and High Speed Machining - Dale Mickelson
Guidebook for Managing Silicon Chip Reliability - Michael G. Pecht, Riko Radjojcic, Gopal Rao
A Guide for Building and Facility Automation Systems - John P. Cilia
Guide to Acid, Alkaline, Emulsion and Ultrasonic Cleaning - ASM Publication
A Guide to Energy Management - 2nd Edition - Barney L. Capehart, Wayne C. Turner and William J. Kennedy
Guide to Mechancial Cleaning Systems - ASM Publication
A Guide to Natural Gas Cooling - The American Gas Association, edited by Richard Itteilag
Guide to Pickling and Descaling and Molten Salt Bath Cleaning - ASM Publication
Guide to Purchasing Electricity & Gas - Paul R. Cunningham, P.E., and David Burell, C.E.M.
Guide to Refrigeration CFCs - Carl Salas, P.E., and Marianne Salas
Guide to Vapor Degreasing and Solvent Cold Cleaning - ASM Publication
Handbook of Bolts and Bolted Joints - J.H. Bickford, S. Nassar
Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations - Tyler G. Hicks
Handbook of Die Design - Ivana Suchy
Handbook of Effluent Treatment and Recycling for the Metal Finishing Industry, 2nd Edition - L. Hartinger
Handbook of Energy Audits - Albert Thumann, P.E., CEM
Handbook of Heat Transfer - Warren Rohsenow, James Hartnett & Young Cho
Handbook of Industrial Engineering, 2nd Edition - G. Salvendy
Handbook of Industrial Power and Steam Systems - Paul N. Garay, P.E.
Handbook of Jig and Fixture Design, 2nd Edition - W. Boyes
Handbook of Laser Wavelengths - Marvin J. Weber
Handbook of Machining and Metalworking Calculations - Ronald A. Walsh
Handbook of Materials Selection for Engineering Applications - edited by G.T. Murray
Handbook of Measurement of Residual Stresses - Society for Experimental Mechanics - edited by Jian Lu
The Handbook of Metal Forming - K. Lange
Handbook of Quenchants and Quenching Technology - G. E. Totten, C. E. Bates, and N. A. Clinton
Handbook of Statistical Methods in Manufacturing - R. Clements
Hardness Testing, 2nd Edition - Harry Chandler
The Hazard Communications Standard: An Implementation Guide - John W. Wells
Heat Treater's Guide: Practices and Procedures for Irons and Steels, 2nd Edition - ASM Publication
Heat Treater's Guide: Practices and Procedures for Nonferrous Alloys - ASM Publication
Heat Treating: Including the Liu Dai Memorial Symposium - edited by Ronald A. Wallis and Harry W. Walton
Heat Treatment, Structure and Properties of Nonferrous Alloys - Charlie R. Brooks
High Performance Machining - M. Arnone
High Quality Industrial Water Management Manual - Paul N. Garay and Franklin M. Cohn
High Temperature Electronics - Edited by F. Patrick McCluskey, Richard Grzybowski, and Thomas Podlesak
HVAC Control System Design Diagrams - John I. Levenhagen
HVAC Energy Audit and Balancing Forms Manual - Herb Wendes, P.E.
HVAC Retrofits: Energy Savings Made Easy - Herbert C. Wendes,  P.E.
Hydrogen Embrittlement and Stress Corrosion Cracking - by R.F. Hehemann
Illustrated Dictionary of Metalworking and Manufacturing - Krar, Steve
Image Analysis: Applications in Materials Engineering - Leszek Wojnar
Indoor Air Quality Case Studies Reference Guide - edited by George Benda
Indoor Air Quality Design GuideBook - Milton Meckler, P.E.
The Industrial Electronics Handbook - J. David Irwin
Influence of Temperature on Microelectronics and System Reliability - Edited by Pradeep Lall, Michael Pecht, and Edward Hakim
Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers and Inventors - 4 volume set - published Industrial Press
Innovative Energy Design for the '90s - Milton Meckler, P.E.
Inspection and Measurement in Manufacturing - W. Winchell
Instrumentation for Process Measurement and Control - Third Edition - Norman A. Anderson
Instrument Engineers' Handbook - Fourth Edition - Vol 1: Process Measurement and Analysis - Bela G. Liptak
Instrument Engineers' Handbook - Fourth Edition Vol 2: Process Control - Bela G. Liptak
Integrated Logistics Support Handbook - James V. Jones
The Intelligent Building Sourcebook - John P. Bernaden and Richard E. Neubauer, editors
An Introduction to CNC Machining and Programming - D. Gibbs, T. Crandell
Introduction to Instrumentation and Measurements - Robert B. Northrop
ISA Dictionary of Measurement and Control, 3rd Edition - ISA Press
ISA Standards Library for Measurement and Control - ISA Press
ISTFA '98: 24th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis - ASM Publication
Journal of Manufacturing Processes - published by SME
Juran's Quality Handbook 5th edition - Juran and Godfrey
Just-In-Time in American Manufacturing - W. Duncan
Lasers in Surface Engineering - Narendra B. Dahotre, T.S. Sudarshan
Lighting Efficiency Applications - Second Edition - Albert Thumann, P.E., C.E.M.
Light Microscopy of Carbon Steels - Leonard E. Samuels
Liquid Paint Finishing Defects - R. Greer
Low-Cost Jugs, Fixtures and Gages for Limited Production - W. Boyes
Machine Tool and Manufacturing Technology - S.E. Krar, M. Rapisarda, A.E. Check
Machine Trades Print Reading - published by Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc.
Machining and Metalworking Handbook - Ronald A. Walsh
Machining Fundamentals - J.R. Walker
Machining - TMEH Vol 1 - R. Drozda, C. Wick
Maintenance of Instruments & Systems - L.D. Goettsche
Making Manufacturing Cells Work - L. Nyman
Managing a Paint Shop: Fundamentals of Leadership & Organization - R. Grear
Managing Computer Numerical Control Operations - M. Lynch
Managing Energy Resources in Times of Dynamic Change - Second Edition - William H. Mashburn
Managing Indoor Air Quality - Second Edition - Shirley J. Hansen Ph.D., Revision by H.E. Barney Burroughs, C.I.A.Q.P.
Manual on Experimental Methods for Mechanical Testing of Composites - Society for Experimental Mechanics, edited by C.H. Jenkins
Manufacturing Management - TMEH Vol 5 - R. Veilleux, L. Petro
Manufacturing Plant Layout - E. Phillips
Manufacturing Process Fundamentals - D. Bryce
Manufacturing Processes Reference Guide - Robert H. Todd, Dell K. Allen, Leo Alting
Manufacturing Startup and Management - D. Bryce
Materials and Processing Failures in the Electronics and Computer Industries: Analysis and Prevention - A. S. Brar and P. B. Narayan
Materials, Finishing & Coating - TMEH Vol 3 - C. Wick, R. Veilleux
Materials Handbook - George S. Brady, Henry R. Clauser and John Vaccari
Materials Properties Handbook: Titanium Alloys - edited by R. Boyer, E.W. Collings, G. Welsch
Materials Selection for Corrosion Control - by Prof. S.L. Chawla and Dr. R.K. Gupta
Materials Selection for Design and Manufacturing Theory - J. Datsko
Materials Science and Engineering - G. F. Carter, D. E. Paul
Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook - Kjell B. Zandin, Harold B. Maynard
McGraw-Hill’s Engineering Companion - Ejup N. Ganic, Tyler G. Hicks
The Measurement, Instrumentation and Sensors Handbook - John G. Webster
Mechanical Engineer's Handbook, 2nd Edition - M. Kutz
Membrane Systems for Wastewater Treatment - Water Environment Federation
Metal Cutting Principles - M. C. Shaw
Metal Cutting Tool Handbook, 7th Edition - United States Cutting Tool Institute
Metallized Plastics - K.L. Mittal
Metallographic Etching, 2nd Edition - Gunter Petzow
Metallography: Principles and Practice - George F. Vander Voort
Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist - Harry Chandler
Metals Handbook - Joseph R. Davis
Microelectronic Failure Analysis Desk Reference, 4th Edition - Edited by Thomas W. Lee
Modern Spectrochemical Analysis of Metals: An Introduction for Users of Arc/Spark Instrumentation - V. Thomsen
Mold Design & Construction Fundamentals - D. Bryce
Mold Engineering - H. Rees
Natural Gas Vehicles - John G. Ingersoll, Ph.D.
Natural Gas Applications for Air Pollution Control - Nelson E. Hay, editor, American Gas Association
Networking for Building Automation and Control Systems - John J. McGowan
The New Manufacturing Challenge: Techniques for Continuous Improvement - K. Suzaki
The New Manufacturing Engineer Coming of Age in an Agile Environment - M. Termini
New Refrigerants for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems - David Wylie, P.E., and James W. Davenport
The New Shop Floor Management: Empowering People for Continuous Improvement - K. Suzaki
1998 Machine Vision Industry Directory - published by SME
Nondestructive Testing - by Louis Cartz
Open Protocols: Communications Standard for Building Automation Systems - John A. Bernaden and Anna Fay Williams
Optimization of Industrial Unit Processes - Second Edition - Bela G. Liptak
Optimization of Unit Operations - Bela G. Liptak 
Paint and Surface Coatings: Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition - R. Lambourne and T.A. Strivens
Parametric Programming for CNC Machine Tools and Touch Probes - M. Lynch
Passion for Manufacturing - R. Dauch
Performance Contracting: Expanding Horizons - Shirley J. Hansen, Ph.D. and Jeannie C. Weisman
Plant Engineers and Managers Guide to Energy Conservation - 7th Edition - Albert Thumann, P.E., C.E.M.
Plastic Injection Molding: Manufacturing Startup and Management - D. Bryce
Plastic Part Technology - E.A. Muccio
Plastics Processing Technology - E.A. Muccio
Plastics Technology Handbook - Manas Chanda and Salil H. Roy
Policy Evolution: Energy Conservation to Energy Efficiency - compiled and edited by Douglas A. Decker, P.E., and Alan Berolzheimer, Ph.D.
Powder Metallurgy Design Manual, 3rd Ed. - Pulished by Metal Powder Industries Federation
Power Quality Solutions: Case Studies for Troubleshooters - Gregory J. Porter and Andy Van Sciver
Practical Extrusion Blow Molding - S. Belcher
Practical Handbook of Stainless Steels & Nickel Alloys - Stephen Lamb
Practical Heat Treating - H.E. Boyer
Practical Thermocouple Thermometry - T.W. Kerlin
Precision Machine Design - A. Slocum
Press Brake Technology - S. Benson
Pressworking Aids for Designers and Diemakers - D. Dallas
A Primer on the Taguchi Method - Ranjit Roy
Principles of the Heat Treatment of Plain Carbon and Low Alloy Steels - Charlie R. Brooks
Print Reading for Industry - published by Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc.
Process Discipline - How to Maximize Profitability and Quality Through Manufacturing Consistency - N.M. Edelson and C.L. Bennett
Process/Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook - Greg McMillan, Ph.D.
Product Design & Material Selection Fundamentals - D. Bryce
Progressive Dies: Principles and Practices of Design and Construction - Forming Technologies Association of SME
Pump Application Desk Book - Third Edition - Paul N. Garay
Quality Control and Assembly - TMEH Vol 4 - C. Wick, R. Veilleux
Quick Die Change - D. Smith
Quick Response Manufacturing: A Companywide Approach to Reducing Lead Times - R. Suri
Realistic Cost Estimating for Manufacturing, 2nd Edition - W. Winchell
Retrofitting Buildings for Energy Conservation - Milton Mechler, P.E.
A Revolution in Manufacturing: The SMED System - S. Shingo
Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain - Warren C. Young
Robotic Deburring Handbook - L. Gillespie
Roll Form Tool Design Fundamentals - William Alvarez
The Root Cause Analysis Handbook - M. Ammerman
Rotating Electrical Machines and Power Systems - Dale R. Patrick and Stephen W. Fardo
Running Today's Factory: A Proven Strategy for Lean Manufacturing - C. Standard & Dr. D. Davis
Safety Instrumented Systems: Design, Analysis and Justification - Gruhn, Paul and Cheddie, Harry
Sensors & Control Systems in Manufacturing - S. Soloman
Sheet Metal Forming Processes and Die Design - Vukota Boljanovic
Simple Solutions to Energy Calculations - 2nd Edition - Richard R. Vaillencourt
Slashing Utility Costs Handbook - 2nd Edition - John M. Studebaker, Ph.D.
Smithells Metals Reference Book, 7th Edition - Edited by E. A. Brandes, G. B. Brook
Software Applications and Directory for Energy Analysis - Anna Fay Williams
Solid Particle Erosion and Erosion-Corrosion of Materials - Alan V. Levy
Solutions to Hydrogen Attack in Steels - P.F. Timmins
Speaking of Plastics Manufacturing Series - Bill Fry
Speed to Market - V. Bozzone
SQC / SPC: Manufacturing Experiences - T. Drozda
Standard Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations - Tyler G. Hicks
Stationary Engineering Handbook - K.L. Petrocelly
Statistical Process Control - C.L. Mamzic
Statistical Process Control in Manufacturing Practice - F.W. Kear
Steels: Heat Treatment and Processing Principles - G. Krauss
Strategic Project Management - M. Termini
Stress-Corrosion Cracking: Materials Performance and Evaluation - edited by Russell H. Jones
Successful Assembly Automation - D.A. Shafer, P.E.
Successful Industrial Energy Reduction Programs - Robert S.Curl
Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion - 2nd Edition - Stuart A. Boyer
Temperature Measurement - Bela G. Liptak
Tensile Testing - edited by P. Han
Testing and Balancing HVAC Air and Water Systems - Second Edition - Sam Monger
Thermal Measurements in Electronics Cooling - Kaveh Azar
Thermal Spray: A United Forum for Scientific and Technological Advances - Edited by C.C. Berndt
Thermal Spray: Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century - Edited by Christian Coddet
Time Out: Using Visible Pull Systems to Drive Process Improvement - W. Smith
Time to Market: Reducing Product Lead Time - C. Charney
Titanium: A Technical Guide - edited by Matthew J. Donachie, Jr.
Turret Mill Operation - J. Edwards
Understanding Distributed Processor Systems for Control - Samuel M. Herb, P.E.
User's Guide to Natural Gas Technologies - F. William Payne
User's Guide to Powder Coating, 3rd Edition - D. Ulrich
Utility & Independent Power: Concept for a New Millennium - F. William Payne
Vision 2001: Energy & Environmental Engineering - compiled and edited by Jana Ricketts
Water Distribution Systems Handbook - Larry W. Mays
Wheeling and Transmission Manual - Scott Spiewak and Larry Weiss
Working with Acrylic - Bill Fry
Working with Cellulosic - Bill Fry
Working with Nylon - Bill Fry
Working with Polyethylene - Bill Fry
Working with Polystyrene - Bill Fry
Working with Vinyl - Bill Fry
World Class Manufacturing: The Next Decade - Richard J. Schonberger
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