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Instrumentation and Control
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Analytical Instrumentation - Bela G. Liptak
Analytical Instrumentation - R.E. Sherman
Batch Control - A.E. Nisenfeld , H. Leegwater 
Continuous Process Control - P.G. Friedmann
Controls and Automation for Facilities Managers - Efficient DDC Systems Implementation - Viktor Boed
Electronic Instrument Handbook - Clyde F. Coombs, Jr.
Electronics & Circuit Analysis Using MATLAB - John Okyere Attia
The Electronics Handbook - Jerry Whitaker
Flow Measurement - Bela G. Liptak
Flow Measurement - D.W. Spitzer
Flow Measurement Engineering Handbook - Richard W. Miller
Fundamentals of Industrial Control - D.A. Coggan , C.L. Albert
The Industrial Electronics Handbook- J. David Irwin
Instrumentation for Process Measurement and Control - Third Edition - Norman A. Anderson
Instrument Engineers' Handbook - Fourth Edition - Vol 1: Process Measurement and Analysis - Bela G. Liptak
Instrument Engineers' Handbook - Fourth Edition - Vol 2: Process Control - Bela G. Liptak
Introduction to Instrumentation and Measurements - Robert B. Northrop
ISA Dictionary of Measurement and Control, 3rd Edition - ISA Press
ISA Standards Library for Measurement and Control on CD-ROM - ISA Press
Maintenance of Instruments & Systems - L.D. Goettsche 
The Measurement, Instrumentation and Sensors Handbook - John G. Webster
Optimization of Industrial Unit Processes - Second Edition - Bela G. Liptak 
Optimization of Unit Operations - Bela G. Liptak 
Practical Thermocouple Thermometry - T.W. Kerlin
Process/Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook - Greg McMillan, Ph.D.
Statistical Process Control - C.L. Mamzic 
Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion - 2nd Edition - Stuart A. Boyer
Temperature Measurement - Bela G. Liptak
Understanding Distributed Processor Systems for Control - Samuel M. Herb, P.E.


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