MATLAB Fundamentals
MATLAB Operations
Array operations
Complex Numbers
The Colon Symbol
Plotting Functions
Graph Functions
X-Y Pots and Annotations
Logarithm and Polar Plots
Screen Control
Control Statements
For Loops
If Statements
While Loops
Input/Output Commands
DC Analysis
Nodal Analysis
Loop Analysis
Maximum Power Transfer
Transient Analysis
RC Network
RL Network
RLC Circuit
State Variable Approach
AC Analysis and
 Network Functions
Steady State AC Power
Single and Three Phase
 AC Circuits
Network Characteristics
Frequency Response
Two-Port Networks
Two-Port Network Representations
Interconnection of Two-
 Port Networks
Termi nated Two- Port Networks
Fourier Analysis
Fourier Series
Fourier Transforms
Discrete and Fast
Fourier Transform
Diode Characteristics
Analysis of Diode Circuits
Half-Wave Rectification
Full-Wave Rectification
Zener Diode Voltage
 Regulator Circuit
Semiconductor Physics
Intrinsic Semiconductor
Extrinsic Semiconductor
PN Junction: Contact Potential,
 Junction Current
Depletion and Diffusion
Capacitances Breakdown Voltages of
PN Junctions
Operational Amplifiers Properties of OP Amps Inverting Configuration Non-Inverting Congfiguration Effects of Finite
 Open-Loop Gain
Frequency Response of
OP Amps Slew Rate and Full-Power
Bandwidth Common-Mode Rejection
Transistor Circuits
Bipolar Junction Transistors Biasing of BJT Discrete Circuits Integrated Circuit Biasing Frequency Response of
Common-Emitter Amplifier MOSFET Characteristics Biasing of MOSFET Circuits Frequency Response of
Common-Source Amplifier
Electronics & Circuit Analysis Using MATLAB 2nd Ed
by John Okyere Attia, 400pp - 1999, ISBN: 0849318920
The first in-depth book on the application of MATLAB for electronics and circuit analysis
Useful to students, professional engineers, scientists, and technicians, Electronics & Circuit Analysis Using MATLAB provides a simple, easy-to-understand, hands-on introduction to MATLAB
  • demonstrates the use of MATLAB for solving electronic problems
  • outlines various ways MATLAB solves circuit analysis problems
  • shows the flexibility of MATLAB for solving general engineering and scientific problems


This book divides into three parts: introduction to MATLAB, applications of MATLAB in circuit analysis, and electronics applications with MATLAB.

Topics covered include plotting functions, control statements, two-port networks, Fourier analysis, diodes, semiconductor physics, operational amplifiers, and transistor circuits.

  • Provides a short primer on MATLAB
  • Covers problem solving in electronics with MATLAB
  • Discusses dc, ac, and transient analysis of circuits
  • Contains extensive examples and problems
  • Presents a bibliography and exercises at the end of each chapter
  • Includes a diskette - illustrating the principles and applications of electronics and circuit analysis with MATLAB
  • Serves as a supplement to other texts for courses in electronics, circuits analysis, and signals and systems

Electronics & Circuit Analysis Using MATLAB - $86.95 each

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