Basic Concepts of Heat Transfer.
Thermophysical Properties.
Conduction and Thermal Contact Resistance (Conductances).
Natural Convection. Forced Convection, Internal Flow in Ducts. Forced Convection, External Flows.
Radiation. Microscale Transpsort Phenomena. Heat Transfer in Porous Media.
Nonnewtonian Fluids. Techniques to Enhance Heat Transfer.
Heat Pipes. Heat Transfer in packed and Fluidized Beds. Condensation. Boiling.
Measurement of Temperature and Heat Transfer.
Boiling. Measurement of Temperature and Heat Transfer.
Heat Exchangers.
Heat Transfer in Materials Processing.
Handbook of Heat Transfer
by Warren Rohsenow, James Hartnett & Young Cho, 1,344pp, 750 illus., 1999, ISBN: 0070535558
     Heat transfer is crucial to virtually every industrial and environmental process as well as to energy production and conversion. Written by leading heat transfer experts, the heavily revised edition-now in one comprehensive volume-of this classic guide offers engineers details on all advances in heat transfer technology, providing the information needed to solve a wide range of practical heat transfer problems.
     A vast revision of the two-volume second edition, it eliminates theory and instead emphasizes practical applications by presenting new findings on conduction, convection, radiation, and multi-phase heat transfer, plus new chapters on microscale heat transfer in porous media, and heat transfer in natural processing.
     A single reference source covering all aspects of heat transfer problem-solving in engineering. Written by the most eminent engineering authorities in the field, this authoritative and comprehensive Handbook has now been completely revised and updated to include all the latest advances in heat transfer principals with special coverage of microscale heat transfer... heat transfer in materials processing... new heat transfer augmentation techniques... thermophysical properties of new refrigerants... innovative heat exchanger methods. The staff of expert contributors covers the essential heat transfer issues involved in every industrial and environmental process, as well as in energy production and transport. Designed to be the one and only source book the engineer needs, the Handbook presents key, fundamental subjects in condensed, readable form for on-the-job use. New findings in conduction, convection, radiation, and multi-phase heat transfer are also presented. The authors have kept the discussions of theory to a minimum, focusing more on a practical, hands-on-approach, to meet the day-to-day needs of engineers, designers, and technicians. 

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