Fundamentals of Pressworking
by D. Smith - 416pp - hardcover - 1990, ISBN: 9780872634497

Fundamentals of Pressworking - $79.95

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"Fundamentals of Pressworking" is the book you'll rely on to understand just how presses work and how to solve pressworking problems involving:
  • press testing
  • selection and maintenance
  • die operations
  • lubricants and safety equipment.

This comprehensive text focuses on the basics of pressworking and provides an overview of pressworking technology for operators and managers.

Examples of the press data detailed include:

  • controls
  • drives
  • cost and operational comparisons of press types
  • brakes
  • feeders
  • installation and leveling
  • chutes and conveyors
  • analyzing press failure causes
  • die locating methods
  • reducing deflection
  • press accessories & programmable force controls

The accompanying 35-minute DVD features shop-floor footage of sheet metal stamping presses and sheet metal stamping dies in action.


Fundamentals of Pressworking - $79.95

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