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486/33 Mhz CPU; 4 MB of memory (RAM); Windows 95; 5 MB of free hard disk space; CD-ROM 2x speed; Super VGA Video Card with 2 MB of memory
Troubleshooting Injection Molding Problems CD-ROM
The Ideal Problem Solving Reference/Tutorial
     Take the guesswork out of the process. Now you can prevent defects before they occur, save countless hours of downtime and thousands of dollars in wasted time and materials. This interactive program helps identify troublesome defects, explains the possible cause(s) and also suggests how to remedy the defects. Moreover, the self-paced tutorial will be instrumental in keeping track of technicians' training progress and also provide documentation of technology training for use in ISO and QS certification. 
Troubleshooting Injection Molding Problems CD-ROM - $650.00 each
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