Minimum system specifications:
133 Mhz CPU; 16 MB of memory (RAM); Windows 95/98; 2 MB video card; 50 MB of free hard disk; 16 fit Soundblaster compatible; CD-ROM 4x Speed
SimTech CD-ROM
The only Injection Molding Simulator on the Market!
     Sacrificing materials an precious machine time for training wa often unavoidable. Now there's a better way. With SimTech, employees can practice making parts in cyberspace instead of on the shop floor. SimTech is the revolutionary new CD-ROM program that makes a PC think it's a closed-loop injection molding machine. Its crisp 3-D graphics, full-motion video, and actual production floor sounds all add to the realism. Moreover, it uses an authentic mathematical model. SimTech provides the most accurate computer-based molding experience available, and it eliminates the waste factor of live machine training.
SimTech CD-ROM - $9995.00 each
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