Design of Experiments - Course Group 4
3 Interactive CD-ROMs (6-8 hours)
     A process in control may still not meet a customer's part specifications. In Design of Experiments - Course Group 4, methods are presented to help reduce common variation and a series of steps teams can use to structure designed experiments.
Introduction to DOE
  • Improve processes using carefully planned experiments 
  • Expend minimal time and resources to learn as much about the process as possible 
  • Change a process or tool settings in a systematic way to find the best combination while a process is running 
  • Key process definitions and bottom line DOE benefits 
Application of DOE
  • A 5 phase approach to DOE - plan, design, run, analysis, act 
  • Fractional factorial experiment to improve popcorn yield 
  • Manufacturing case study of an SPC team whose process is in control, but inferior to the competitions 
An Experiment in Tirzah
  • Defending Tirzah, an imaginary 850 BC city 
  • Verifying stability of Tirzah's two catapult processes with attribute and variables data 
  • Assessing the capability of both processes 

  • Using DOE to improve catapult process capability

Design of Experiments - Course Group 4 - $1950.00 each

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