Basic SPC - Course Group 1
2 Interactive CD-ROMs (3-5 hours)
     Process stability begins when people realize some variation is natural in every process. Understanding that producing the highest quality at the lowest cost comes from constantly striving to reduce it. In Basic SPC - Course Group 1, fundamental SPC skills are introduced.
SPC and Variation
  • SPC's Advantages vs. quality control by inspection 
  • SPC's purpose is to fight variation 
  • Differences between attribute and variables data 
  • Explanations of special and common cause variation 
  • How SPC can be used to help detect the different types of variation in the manufacturing processes 
Pictures of Numbers - Histograms
  • Building, reading and identifying the parts of histograms 
  • Histograms show process behavior and make visible the patterns caused by variation 
  • Histograms can show the ability of a process to meet customer specifications 
  • Virtually defect free processes are centered between spec limits, with a spread well within the spec limits 
Introduction to Control Charts
  • Control charts can indicate whether a process variation is from common or special causes 
  • Understanding the parts of control charts 
  • Control charts are calculated from the process data itself 

  • Rules governing use and interpretation of control charts

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