Applying SPC - Course Group 2
2 Interactive CD-ROMs (6-8 hours)
     In this course you'll learn how to develop selection skills and awareness of how control limits are calculated when applying SPC. In Applying SPC - Course Group 2, skills will be introduced that will demonstrate how to make control charts, how to take corrective action, solve problems and how to achieve process stability.
Selecting Parameters
  • Taking a look at your process 
  • Preparing to collect data 
  • Block diagrams, Pareto charts, fishbone diagrams 
  • Parameter test checklist and monitoring priorities 
  • Manufacturing case study 
Types of Control Charts
  • Control chart review - benefits, parts, rules 
  • Variable control charts - X and R chart, X and S chart 
  • Attribute control charts - P, NP, C, U charts 
  • Choosing the appropriate control chart 
Setting Up and Using a Control Chart
  • Rules for constructing control charts
  • Calculator tutorial
  • Basic statistics, and step-by-step directions in setting up control charts 
Interpretations and Actions
  • Control chart patterns and possible causes 
  • Control charts as an indicator of process problems 
  • Deciding when and if to adjust a process 

  • Investigating steps to determine the causes of variations

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